Sunday, March 28, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

Most would say, "you make lemonade". I say, thank you!! Our little baby is the size of a lemon this week. This week it has made his/her own fingerprints and if it is a girl already has 2 million eggs in her ovaries!!! I am already worried about teenage pregnancy! It's head is getting a little more proportional to it's body, which is making me feel better about delivery day :). Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to feel it move. Many second time moms say they felt their baby around this time but I don't know what to look for. I have odd sensations like gas but not quite gas that could be it. Sometimes I feel a little tickle in my belly so maybe that's it but I don't know. I know I will feel better when it is moving, because then I won't have to worry everyday if everything is alright. For someone who is a complete control freak, this is way too out of my control!

So, the jig is basically up at work. Everyone seems to know. For some reason I haven't told hardly any of the doctors yet. I don't know why. I think part of the reason is there really isn't a good time to spill the beans. The conversation would go like this: Doctor: "Dena is that discharge plan in place yet?" Dena: "Of course and I'm pregnant". A little awkward. I feel like I want to tell some of them that were so excited about my weight loss because I can tell they are looking at my like, "I knew it wouldn't last". I wanna be like, "No really I'm not fat I'm pregnant. This time it isn't my fault!". I am sure they will find out eventually.

So, this marks the official end of the first trimester. Rumor has it our chances of something bad happening are greatly decreased and my MD has cleared me to try to run. I feel like my body and my baby aren't ready for that yet. I say this because, in addition to the normal pregnancy feelings, I seem to have really bad allergies or a head cold. I am hoping for the allergies. Nonetheless, running won't be occurring tomorrow as planned. Prior to feeling crappy from the allergy thing I was getting more energy back and I actually worked out a couple of times this week. Felt good to get back in the swing of things. Last weekend we had plans to go swimming but I put on my swim suit and I looked like an overstuffed sausage. That didn't help. So, I am anxiously awaiting my maternity tentini - should arrive soon! Then, I will get my swim on!

I am hoping to post some pics so you can decide for yourself if I have a real baby bump or just a cinnamon toast crunch (which I have been hooked on for the last 2 weeks - that and pineapple) induced belly.

UPDATE: the bookshelves are in the process of being scattered strategically throughout the house. Once that room is cleared out we will start baby stuff collecting!! Less than six months to go!! YIKES!!

Also, I wasn't able to attend Robbie's half marathon because I wasn't feeling well and standing out in the cold for 3-4 hours didn't exactly sound like the best idea for the baby while I'm sick. Nonetheless, I know he did great and I am so blessed to have him in my life. He keeps me motivated to stay healthy and make the best decisions for our family. He is an amazing man!! I love you!

New pics of 14 weeks posted!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just Peachy

Alright, you guessed it Boggie is the size of a peach these days. I can't believe how fast they grow it was only yesterday we were celebrating his first graduation from embryo to time flies! So, we are approaching the 13th week - only 1 week away from the end of the first trimester!!! I can't believe it. What I can't believe even more is that I have popped. My belly has a bit of a baby bump now and people are noticing. My favorite this week was the person that asked me if I was losing weight. Really?? I wanted so badly to say yes but I am pretty sure they were fishing for me to say something. Or the other that stared long and hard at my stomach and said, "so anything new with you?" I replied, "not really". Just kidding I told them! How could I not tell? I am still really excited. My favorite is the person that said, "do you think you could be having twins?" Oddly enough it was the same person that asked if I had been losing weight. Whatever.

This week marked a new milestone. Because I am beginning to show people have been reaching for my stomach unprovoked. My bump is small people. I could pass as someone that has eaten too many burritos still but that doesn't stop 'em. I had two unauthorized belly rubs this week. TWO! For someone that doesn't like their personal space invaded at all - this was disturbing. I didn't and won't stop them (to be nice) but I assure you it was weird.

This week Robbie and I conquered Babies R Us! We went in with our book of rated baby items, looked at the stuff most highly rated, took some notes, and left! We didn't buy a single thing and we left feeling a bit better about all the stuff we will have to purchase soon. I am finding that Babies R Us does have a lot of stuff but it isn't all rated that great in the areas of quality and safety. That's a little frustrating. I wish stuff that has been recalled a million times and has a history of poor safety ratings wasn't allowed to be sold at places like Babies R Us. Sell it at Wal-mart where most of their stuff is junk anyway and put a big label that says "BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS IS CRAP." That would be way too easy wouldn't it?

Being pregnant has been a pretty bizarre experience so far, I must say. I am excited, scared, worried, thrilled, concerned, and gassy all the same time. I think I will feel better once I can feel baby Boggie move. I still feel like crap and my belly is growing so I have to assume things are progressing right along (plus Robbie promised they are and his promises are worth their weight in gold). I read somethings that say some women can feel their babies at this time (13 weeks). So, I lay in bed, perfectly still, focused on my belly and what is going on. Mostly I just feel gas. The other thing that is hard to deal with is the fact that I no longer have control over anything that is going on in my body. The baby controls everything and I am having trouble with that thought. It really isn't working well with my schedule, to be honest. I have to work. I have to work-out. I have to sleep. None of these things have I been able to do for the last 8 weeks or so at 100%. I find that mildly irritating. Please don't think that all my complaining is because I hate being pregnant. That is not the case. I am glad I am able to grow a baby and I can't wait until he or she is in this world for us to spoil. I just find the whole morning sickness, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea thing inconvenient. I think that movie, The Inconvenient Truth, should have been about pregnancy and children. Just a thought Al Gore for your next documentary!

So, next week - magic 14! I will post pics of this enormous belly (enormous to me). Next week I will also be cheering Robbie on at his 4th half marathon!! Hopefully the roles will be reversed next year this time!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yep, you guessed it - Boggie is the size of a large plum this week and we are approaching the end of our 12th week (tomorrow)! I am an idiot and thought this was the end of the first trimester. I couldn't understand why I wasn't feeling better when my loving husband kindly reminded me the first trimester doesn't end until week 14. How does he know that? Well, he has been reading the books. Books I haven't been reading and now must force myself to pick-up.

We had our check-up on Friday and things seem to be moving right along. The MD was doubtful that we would be able to hear the heartbeat so I was worried - another 4 weeks of not knowing how things were going would be horrendous. Fortunately, right when she was going to give up she found it!!! It was pretty strong and fast - 160's. Robbie heard it too so I know I didn't make it up! Boggie is still going strong. My mom says with a heart beat that strong and fast it must be girl. Who knows. Some weeks Robbie and I are boy focused and other weeks we find ourselves looking at all the little dresses. Let's be honest all the clothes are cute when they are that tiny!

So, the only real news this week, other than the the doctor visit, is that I have had a near death experience. It was life changing (not really but they are supposed to be right?). ATTENTION TMI ALERT: I was in the shower bending over to shave my legs and I stood up normally and turned around toward the shower head. At this point I became lightheaded and fell backwards out of the tub. I grabbed the shower curtain knowing that my growing body was going to take it down with me, it was my only chance at survival. Luckily, the shower curtain held steadfast! I was able to pull myself up and resume the bathing process. During this process I did scream, however, Robbie was in the shower upstairs and was unable to hear my desperate plea for help. This lightheaded issue was discussed with my OB and she said it isn't uncommon. Wonderful. She recommended I make changes in position slowly and be more careful - something to do with the increased blood flow and the shifting of blood. It's irritating. Another suggestion was to get an old lady (no offense if you own one) shower chair??? I'm pregnant not Benjamin Button (in reverse of course). I guess safety should always come first and I am willing to install a TEMPORARY safety bar.

This week, Robbie and I also began our discussions about the nursery. This issue has been left unresolved. It became heated and I was instructed we would talk about it later - that means 3 or 4 months from now. Let's take a poll shall we? The babies room will be, what was, Robbie's office. We have moved everything but these HUGE, OMINOUS, OVER-POWERING, SCARY bookcases out of the office and downstairs to a new and improved shared office space. My request is that we find a place to relocate the bookshelves as well out of fear they will fall on the baby or at least emotionally intimidate it into having a complex. Which, let's be honest, it will probably have anyway and I don't want to exacerbate the issue. Okay, so those of you that choose to, vote on this issue in the comments section. Should we relocate the bookshelves to an alternate location in the house or leave them in the nursery with the tiny, cute, soft, and easy crushed under the weight of 1000lbs of philosophy and science fiction books baby?

Friday, March 5, 2010


No the title of this post is not referring to a new Fergie song, which would be hilarious especially if she incorporated Sonic into somehow, it is actually the size of our baby right now - A LIME!! To top that off I think I am getting a bit of a bump!! Not too big, mind you, but I can't suck this in like I usually can!! For some reason I am still in denial. Robbie can't understand that when I am dizzy, nauseous, and only wanting to eat Doritos for all three meals I am attributing it to something I ate. I have got to just accept that I am pregnant. I wish we had someway to look inside, on a daily or weekly basis, just to ensure something is still going on in there. I feel like crap and that should be indication enough but I need a little reassurance!!

Nothing too crazy happened this week. People at work have started calling me "mommy". I don't respond initially and then I realize, "oh crap they are talking to me". That is a little weird.

I think this week people are starting to wonder what is going on, those that don't know of course. I am definitely "rounding out" a bit. I don't look all that pregnant it just looks like I have eaten one too many donuts - which believe me I haven't. I find this extremely frustrating. Having lost a ton of weight, somewhat recently, and adopted a new lifestyle of consistent running and working out I am frustrated. I simply can't do it right now. I am exhausted. Robbie says, "people understand". I don't think they do. I would love to run everyday. I would love to be one of those tiny people that when they get pregnant it is all in their belly like a basketball. I'm not like that. I am, by genetic code, a fat ass. I am going to get fat with this baby. I am watching what I eat and trying to build up the energy to do a 30 minute yoga tape but sometimes I can't. I wish I could wear a sign that says, "I'm trying the best I can but this child is sucking the life and energy out of me so leave me alone" - does anyone know where I can get one of these? Then I think, "dena, you are just being lazy!" I don't honestly know the answer to this question. I have long history of laziness that allowed me to blossom to over 200lbs at some point in my life. This was also combined with frequent trips to Carl's Jr. I don't feel that way right now. I do make frequent trips to Chikfila right now because I am obsessed with grilled chicken sandwiches (only 5 weight watcher points by the way). I don't want to become the size of a house but if I do, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!

Anyway, rant over (for now). So this week I continued my search for maternity clothes. I really don't care for shopping in general and having to shop for clothes in anticipation of my growing waistline is less than exciting. I decided to turn to EBay and I did alright. I was able to get 8 pants and 12 shirts for $80. No too bad. They arrived yesterday in a Huggies diaper box - how appropriate right. I think I will be able to use probably 3 pairs of jeans and 11 of the shirts - still not too bad. Maternity clothes are awful and there is no way I am paying $30 or $40 for new clothes that I will wear less than 9 months!! I am planning on adding some pics of the items that did not make the cut - think acid wash tapered capri pants (they are lovely!).

So, the first trimester is coming to an end - this is the last week!! I am super excited. We have a doctors appointment on Friday and I am really hoping the MD dopplers the heart beat for Robbie to hear. I found a website where you can rent your own home doppler by the month. I almost busted out the debit card right then and there but decided I am just going to leave it up to mother nature - she seems to know what she is doing!

I added some pics for an 11 week belly shot and those fabulous Ebay pants!