Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now I've Had The Time Of My Life...

And I can honestly say I've never felt this way before. A little sad, a lot happy, a little bit of pride...MY BABY IS ONE!!! And she isn't a baby anymore...she's a toddler! EEEEEEK!!

this time last year:

And then there were three...
On September 18th, 2010 at 6:25pm our lives changed forever. Our baby girl, Charlotte June Wagoner, was welcomed into the world via open arms (and legs of course)! At 6lbs 1oz and 18.5inches our OB said she was "petite". I say she was unexpected. I was always told she was going to be somewhere around 8lbs at birth but, just like pregnancy, things don't always turn out the way you thought they would. Needless to say, she is absolutely perfect. She has a cute button nose, the tiniest feet, and the littlest fingers you can imagine - she has her daddy wrapped around each and every one I might add!"

Charlotte June Wagoner turned one year old this past Sunday. We celebrated with tons of family and friends down in Lexington and we loved every minute! Charlotte had a great time meeting her family and new boyfriend Beckett! They got a little frisky...frisky for babies anyway!

I thought I would revisit the idea of writing a letter to my little girl for this post...so here we go:

Dear Charlotte,

Before you were born I actually wrote you a letter and in that letter we, daddy and I, made you a few promises. Let's see how we are doing shall we??

1.) We promised to get a "clearer plan" about our future. We got one!! Our future is in Wisconsin and I am so glad you will be able to grow up here. Daddy has a great job at UW Oshkosh and mommy works right down the street from your daycare - it is perfect!

2.) We promised to always love you unconditionally. ABSOLUTELY! You are the light in our lives, the wind in our sails, the ketchup to our french fries (and all other foods really). We love you!! We will always love you!!!

3.) We promised to only use daycare when we have to. This is the truth. We have done our best to find you the best place to be at the right time. We love getting your artwork and seeing all your friends.

4.) We promised to get you closer to family. CHECK! We are a day's drive away from your daddy's family, my best friends, and aunt cheryl and uncle george! Your first birthday was the first of many HUGE family gatherings!

I'm surprised in this other letter I didn't promise you more. I promise to try everyday to give you the world. I would lasso the moon and give you that if I could.

The first year of your life was challenging but your mommy and daddy agree it was the year our lives changed for the better!! September of 2010 you entered the world, October 2010 daddy started applying for jobs, January 2011 mommy and daddy gave up on the philosophy job market, March 2011 UW Oshkosh called, April 2011 we decided to move to Wisconsin, June 2011 we packed up and drove 2000 miles with papaw in tow to Neenah, WI, September 2011 daddy started his new job and we celebrated your life!!

What a year and we are so glad to have had you to be by our sides.

We can't promise to know what this next year will have in store for you and your family but we know for sure it will be filled with love, excitement, and lots of snow!!

Love you Charlotte. You make us want to be better people. You are our world.

mommy and daddy.