Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's little girl is growing fast and with 14 weeks to go she is getting ready to meet her daddy face to face! We are 6 1/2 months pregnant today, she is about 1.75 pounds, and is about 14 inches from head to toe - the length of an English cucumber! She has really been kicking a lot the last few days too! My belly bounces more than it did when I was overweight and laughing!! What is hilarious is that I can be sitting quietly and she can be going crazy, kicks all over the place, I call Robbie over and she becomes silent! He walks away and she starts up again - the cycle is endless. I woke up a couple times this week to find his hand on my belly catching a few kicks without her, or I, knowing - so sweet!

This week has been uncomfortable. I feel like I was stretching a lot and I must have had a hormone boost because the nausea was back with a vengeance - I had to resort to Ginger Ale again a couple of times. Some things I read indicate that the first trimester woes reemerge during the third trimester - I say I have 2 weeks left of the second so leave me alone nausea and fatigue!! I have also been having crazy heartburn! This is coming from someone who was taking Tagamet at the age of 13 for an ulcer - my TUMS aren't even phasing this heartburn. Everyone at work says that means she will have a lot of hair. I say, duh! I am part Italian and I am extremely hairy - she will be hairy that is a given. I just hope she has a lot of hair but well groomed - I hope she avoids my unibrow!

Regarding the stretching, I feel like I am stretching width wise rather than depth. I do not feel like my belly sticks out any more than it did 2 weeks ago but I do feel wider. My weight gain is pretty normal, I just feel like I am carrying her more towards my back - resulting in more back pain. Thank you Charlotte! I don't know if this is true. We will take some belly pics this week and you can give me your thoughts! Speaking of weight gain...I will be so glad to get back to weight watchers when this baby is born! I try to make healthy selections but knowing that scale is moving up almost daily, definitely weekly, is hard to swallow. I have already picked out my meeting time and I am so ready to get this weight off! only about 4 months more to go and I can get back to running, losing weight, and counting my points!! I will say that I do love nourishing my little girl and when I really think about it, the weight gain is totally worth it. I can only imagine holding this sweet little baby in my arms will make me forget about the scale!

So, this weeks focus seems to have been the baby's room - or lack thereof. The inside construction has yet to begin. The leak, apparently, has been fixed but they still want to wait for rain. I don't understand this. We live in the desert and even in monsoon season rain is sporadic!! I am trying to keep calm. Robbie is handling this piece and I am confident he will take care of it...or pregnant, angry Dena will emerge and that will not be pretty. I have always had a strong need to have a plan or to be pretty organized and those feelings and needs have increased by 1,000,000% since becoming pregnant. I have this strong need to "get ready". I want the baby's room done yesterday, I want all the baby necessities purchased yesterday, and I want to know that if she comes any day we are ready for anything she throws at us - a tarp may be necessary. I just have this stronger than ever need to get things organized. People keep saying you have 3 1/2 months and it will be done. Realistically, I know this. I am not unreasonable, but this doesn't eliminate that intrinsic need to have everything in its place! With this said, I am still on a baby buying hold :(. No major purchases have been made in, I think, 2 weeks! I am thinking changing pad this week but we will see what I can slip by Daddy :).

Speaking of Daddy...Today is FATHER'S DAY! So there seems to be different opinions out there on whether or not it is appropriate to celebrate Father's day for the father of an unborn child. I say, of course it is. This is our daughter and she has a father. A father we both love very much and are so blessed to have in our lives. He takes care of her mommy which means he takes care of her. He provides food, shelter, and clothing for her - I guess the shelter is my gig right now and the clothes won't be necessary for a bit but he is still providing these things in theory. He sings her songs and kisses her (through my belly). He is her Daddy and she loves him very much. I say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Robbie! We love you!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

25 weeks!

Baby Charlotte is about 13.5 inches long by now and weighs at least 1.5 lbs. - about the weight of a rutabaga. My family loves rutabaga so I thought I should at least mention it. So, this week we had our monthly OB visit and everything went great. We have one more "4 week" visit and then we are in the third trimester so she sees us every 2 weeks. We will do that for a few weeks and then I think once I am about 32-34 weeks she will see us every week! We are getting close. As the OB was leaving she even said, "We will see our baby Charlotte very soon!" That made me a little nervous.

I feel like there is so much to accomplish before Charlotte arrives - gathering all the necessities, getting her room ready, securing a day care, getting my FMLA/STD disability figured out, childbirth classes, CPR classes, etc. The list goes on and on! Each week I try to accomplish a new task and that seems to help a bit. This week we registered for two classes - Baby Care ABCs and Preparation for Childbirth. The Baby Care class will teach us the basics of caring for a baby - diapering, bathing, first aid, etc. Yes, I am a nurse but I am more familiar diapering 80 year old men than an 8 week old infant! I say if there is a class, take it! This one we take on June 30th so hopefully we will have some hilarious pictures of Robbie with a plastic baby!

The Preparation for Childbirth class is later in July and it should be good. It is an intensive weekend long class that talks about baby care, childbirth, labor, etc. We are really excited about that! This brings me to the subject of actually having the baby. I haven't really established 100% a birth plan but my plan for right now is to play it by ear. I have never had a baby before, I have no idea what it will feel like, and what one person experiences could be different from the next. With this in mind, how can I honestly say, "yes I want an epidural" or "no I do not want one". What is odd is that I discuss the idea of not having an epidural with folks and you would think I had a third eye. "What? No epidural? You are crazy!" I get this reaction more than a positive reaction. I don't know what I am going to do. I will say this, at my work I see a lot of patients that take pain medications simply because they are available - this will not be me. If I am dying from pain and cannot live one more second with it - I will get the epidural. If I am in pain but I am managing, and I am awake, and doing okay - I will not. Why commit to getting something before you even know how it will feel. My mother did not have painful childbirth, although she is super woman and I think can withstand any amount of pain. I am hoping that trait is genetic. Also, I ran 26 miles. I cried the last 4 of them but I finished. I pushed through the pain, the fatigue, the frustration, the irritation, and the chafing! I am going to approach this childbirth thing the same way - as THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE, to date, OF MY LIFE! Also, BTW, when people tell me I won't be able to have my baby without an epidural they are basically issuing a Bill Cosby style challenge, it was a good episode. I just have to see to how it goes. No definite decisions really can be made until my cervix is dilating and that baby is coming!! I do know I have the greatest husband in the world when it comes to this issue - he supports me in whatever decision I make. He believes it is my body and knows I will do what is best for the baby. He is so supportive and when Team Wagoner gets together we can accomplish anything!

Let's talk about my fabulous husband for a second shall we?? Tomorrow, June 14th, we will have been married for 7 years (anyone have some benadryl? JK!). We have been together about 11 years!! They have been the best 11 years of my life and I can't wait to share a million more years with him. The first seven years of our marriage we did a lot of growing up. We moved to a new place together, struggled in the beginning, but eventually found our niche with the help of some fabulous friends and an amazing running group. The next seven, according to Robbie, will be spent with me pregnant...the whole time apparently! One at a time please! 2010-2011 will be a challenging year for us as a family and a couple - we will welcome the newest member to our team, Robbie will be on a job hunt, and we will plan to move again! I am nervous but I can use the last 7 years as reference to know that Robbie will always be there for us. He is a great husband, a good provider, and soon to be the best Dad in the entire world (no offense Bob!). I am 100% the luckiest woman in the world to have him. I am not the easiest person to deal with sometimes but he does it and has me laughing all the way. I think most of his jokes are at my expense but they are still funny! BTW uncontrollable fits of laughter while pregnant is bad news! I pee my pants a lot now!! In all seriousness, he is the love of my life and I would not want to have a family with anyone else. I trust that together we will raise a beautiful family filled with love, support, encouragement, and tons of laughter!

So, I will post some belly pics next week at 26 weeks (6 1/2 months)! Have a great week! Also, look at that onesie we custom made for Charlie!! ADORABLE!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 months down and 4 to go???

Okay, I'm back. Robbie can write a 4 million page dissertation with no problems but one pregnancy blog and he breaks out in hives!! I have to admit it was fun to watch him squirm!! :)

So, today we are 24 weeks pregnant, which is 6 months pregnant. We have about 16 weeks left until we welcome baby Charlotte into the world!! We are so excited. We love this little baby girl so much and can't wait to meet her, experience the world with her, teach her new things, learn new things from her, and love her so much until she pushes us away at about age 16 and is thoroughly embarrassed by us!! Can't wait!

So some of you may be thinking, "hey I thought 9 months was the human gestational period?" Ladies, we have been lied to. It is 10 months. I guess the first 4 weeks don't really count because that is the whole conception, fertilization, implantation thingy but I am counting it. You honestly don't even know you are pregnant those first 4 weeks so maybe I shouldn't count it - I don't know! I know we still have some time to get ready and that is all I need to think about right now.

First, the important stuff. Charlie is doing really great. She is kicking, rolling, and living it up in there. I feel her everyday now and I absolutely love it. Every little kick is so reassuring! She doesn't kick much at work because I am moving so much I either do not notice her or the walking lulls her to sleep. When I get home and she gets around her daddy she is a wild woman! I have to say it is probably the best feeling in the entire world to know that she is moving, alive, healthy, and doing well. I can't ask for anything more right now! Robbie is even able to see and feel her move even more - which is great! I feel bad that I get to share this wonderful bond and connection with Charlie and Robbie has to experience it from the outside in...literally. I can tell though that she has a soft spot in her heart for him. It is as though she knows he is around and she tries to increase her movement just for him - I am sure she recognizes his voice!

Regarding her size, I am so confused. You look at one website and last week she was as long as a papaya and this week it says she is as long as an ear of corn - this drives me crazy! I have never seen an ear of corn as long as that papaya! Here is my food analogy - she is about a foot (think of a subway sandwich) and she weighs a little over a pound, possibly a pound and a half (probably a pound and a half because I have had 3 brownies this week!!...and 3lbs of chex mix!...I exaggerate...about the chex mix). Either way she is getting bigger! At this point she should be starting to put on a bit of baby fat so we can squeeze those cute little cheeks when she comes out!

Pregnancy cravings? Myth you may say but I think differently. I really get a strong need for brownies or potato salad topped (covered) with dill pickles or curry or nachos. It is so bizarre. Some of that stuff I would never really eat before, especially the curry, but I really want it! I try to keep it under control but I do give in. The pickle thing I can't ignore - I guess I am your text book prego lady!

This week we have accomplished a few major tasks - we have obtained, in a way, a pediatrician and we have begun the search for day care providers. Robbie, the love of my life and daddy extraordinaire, called the pediatrician, grilled them incessantly, and secured the process of establishing care with our top choice MD. Thank you Robbie. We will hopefully still meet with her before baby Charlie arrives but I feel better about reporting our progress to our OB on tuesday. The day care process is still a work in progress. We have to go visit some to get a true idea of how skanky they really are before I drop the second love of my life off for her care. One thing at a time right! Fortunately, Robbie's funding situation for next year has greatly improved and he may be able to be a stay at home dad thanks to a spring fellowship!

The baby room has made some progress too so that is exciting. The roof leak has, apparently, been fixed. The HOA of our complex wants to wait until it rains before the inside work is started but our landlord said, "NO WAY!! THEY HAVE A BABY TO GET READY FOR!!" Okay, he didn't say that but he is pushing for a water test instead so we can start the inside sooner rather than later. You can imagine waiting for rain in the desert could take a while.

So, as you can see we are moving along. I have been placed on a baby stuff buying hold by her daddy. I still sweet talk him into a onesie here and there but major stuff is on hold until we have a better place to put it all. In response to his post last week. We do not have as many diapers as he says. I am gradually stocking up if they are on sale. I am a bargain hunter what can I say. Also, how can I refuse to buy a $4 onesie that says, "I love my daddy" on it?? Please - 30 of these is not enough! (we don't have 30 outfits by the way he is crazy!)