Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost 10 weeks...:)

Does anyone know if they lengthened the hours in a day and the days in a standard week? I feel like it's been two weeks since Monday and I haven't had more than 3 hours sleep - too tired to even watch reality TV!!!!! I need an intervention!

So, I couldn't wait until our next appointment to update everyone on how things are going. Bottom line things pretty much suck. I feel like crap, I get short of breath walking from one hallway at work to another, and I can barely hold my eyes open long enough for the 9 hours I am at work - this baby making is tough stuff! You can read all the books you want and mentally "prepare" yourself as much as possible but you can never be prepared for how you will feel. I think this is because everyone handles pregnancy differently. Some people may coast through with no problems and others may be in the hospital hooked up to IV poles because they throw-up every time they think of food. I am falling somewhere in the middle. One day this week I did have an odd surge of energy after work and I capitalized on it by going for a walk!! It felt really good. Too bad that surge didn't last long and I was asleep by 8pm again. Those two hours of feeling normal were worth it! Setting aside the nausea, fatigue, headaches, and dizziness I am also having some major emotional mood swings. Here is an example of how crazy one can become while trying to create a child - I dropped the soap in the shower 3x in a row and I broke down in an emotional meltdown. Today at work I was sitting at my desk and I just busted into tears for like 1 minute and then I was laughing! I literally feel like Sally Field in that movie Sybil. Robbie seems to be handling it pretty well...he seems to handle a lot pretty well I must say.

So, this week we actually attended our first pregnancy class. It was designed for those women in their first trimester and, of course, we were the only couple there in our first trimester but whatever. It was fun. We talked about nutrition, exercise, relaxation, feelings, constipation - it was fabulous! The best part was Robbie being able to try on an empathy suit!! It had a real belly and huge boobs!! I am hoping to post some pics below for your viewing enjoyment.

We also did a bit of consignment shopping this weekend and today, at Ross not really consignment, Robbie bought the cutest little yellow ducky bathrobe you will ever see. I am certain it isn't practical but it is so cute. We also found a little sleeper that I fell in love with and had to have - 1.99 at the consignment store!! We are trying not to buy very much but sometimes you find the cutest stuff and you just have to buy it!

Even though I feel like crap and I am driving Robbie crazy we are trying to stay focused on the prize - a real live human! I can feel like crap all day and then feel really good for like and hour and I stress that entire hour that something bad has happened. It is such an odd feeling. I find myself wrapping my arms around my portly belly (I say portly b/c it's size is just due to fat not baby right now) when I come around a corner at work because I am afraid someone will run into me and hurt it! It doesn't even have all its bones yet and I am already over protective.

I am sitting here realizing this entire thing is about me and Robbie hasn't really chimed in to add anything. I want to make it publicly known that I asked him if he wanted to add anything and he declined. He is a man of few words. Lately those words are, "did you poop?", "did you drink your water today?", "did you eat enough protein today", and "I told you not to come in here while I am cooking or you will get sick". Why don't I ever listen to him??

I figured out how to add pictures - the empathy suit one's are over there on the right!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 Weeks

Alright, so we made it to 8 weeks. I don't know why this is reassuring. For some reason I have psychologically convinced myself that 8 weeks is a major milestone during this pregnancy. I do this frequently with random things. No matter what I feel better about getting to week 8!

The biggest issue I seem to be experiencing is SEVERE fatigue. I get so exhausted so easily. We did have family visiting this week and the walking everyday really took its toll. The down side is that walking is good for you. I think if I could walk for 30 minutes take a 30 minute nap walk for 30 minutes take a nap...I would have been just fine. Unfortunately, taking so many naps doesn't really lend itself to being very social or productive!!

This week, only because my mother was visiting I assure you, we entered into uncharted territory...Babies R Us. Let me tell you a few things I find wrong with the layout of this store. 1.) The bathrooms are located in the far back corner of the store. Okay people, pregnant women are coming into this store and chances are we have to pee. Having to walk all the way to the back of the store to pee was irritating. 2.) I feel like if it was sectioned off into rooms - similar to the way Ikea is laid out - it would have been easier to take in. You walk in and immediately feel overwhelmed with magnitude of stuff that can, and possibly should, be purchased. 3.) There isn't really anyone available to assist you in wading through all the crap to find the safest, best, most economical crib, bassinet, stroller, carrier, playard, jumper, etc... You basically have to do a crap load of research before you enter into those places and know exactly what you are looking for. Oh, and everything has its own design and color scheme. I guess all that stuff has to match right??? I found myself frustrated with being able to get the playard and swing in one color scheme but the car seat in another - then I woke up and realized kids never match anyway! 4.)This stuff is so overpriced. Did you know that you can buy an infant car seat just to turn around (20lbs) later to buy another one?? Both of which are, of course, over $100. This is going to be bad.

There were some good things about that visit. Nana (my mom) was able to buy the baby its very first toy - a musical giraffe! It is so cute and the song is so sweet - I cried when I first saw it (nothing new though I cry at everything and anything these days). We did also purchase a playard with an attached bassinet and a swing. I felt it was a little premature to buy that stuff but who knows when Nana will be here again and she wanted to get us started - we are very appreciative. We also found some pregnant woman tea and lozenges that help with morning sickness!! Best find of the day.

After the Babies R Us extravaganza we ventured into the world of maternity clothes. I'm not really showing but you do get bloated and buttoning my jeans is getting a little uncomfortable. It was really a hilarious experience because some of the stores have fake bumps you can wrap around your belly for planning ahead. It gave me a glimpse of my future and it wasn't pretty. I think if my belly actually gets that big I will tip over. We did find some things on sale and I learned that specialty maternity stores have some pretty cute not so cute prices! I hope Ross and Marshalls carry maternity clothes I refuse to pay full price for my clothes now and you better believe I won't pay $30 for shirt!!

So, this post seems to be all about money right. Well, I think I am just a little shocked at the sticker price of some of this junk...I mean stuff. Robbie is very level headed and suggested each month we buy a few things and by the end we will have everything we need without noticing the price tag. Let's hope that works!

To finish this off let's do a symptom check list: sore boobs (but bigger :)) CHECK, intermittent nausea with vomiting CHECK, fatigue CHECK, weight gain (3-4lbs) CHECK, food cravings - not really, more food aversions I would say, emotional fluctuations CHECK. It seems we are moving right along!

I will post an update at our next MD appointment - 2nd week in March!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 Weeks

So, the journey begins. We've heard the theories, the wives's tales, the threats of bad luck for telling early. And you know what...we don't care! A heart beat was heard today and seen and it was amazing!! Even if "something" happens, we are so attached to our little "Boggie" it is unbelievable. I am in love with an 8mm beating organism. I think I actually heard it say, "hot dog" today on the US it was perfect!! If you haven't guessed...Robbie and I are pregnant!! We have decided to blog about our journey through the next 9 months to keep all our friends up to date and as a way to keep a journal of our upcoming adventures. Our cousin gave us this idea and we loved getting updates from her - thanks for the idea Brad and Rachel!! This blog will be honest. I may talk about some gross stuff but I think I should probably prepare some of my friends, that have not had the thrill of being pregnant, for what they have in store for them and their significant others!!

We are about 7 weeks along today and I was able to hear the heartbeat. It was really strong and I saw it flickering - it looked like a little fish with gills. I did get really excited because I saw something that looked like a head and the technician was like, "yeah, it doesn't have a head yet. that's the yolk sac". I wanted to be like "do human yolk sacs have a lot of cholesterol?" I didn't, I refrained from too many jokes - except the obvious Alien reference :). I also called Robbie immediately and my mom of course to exclaim, "It's alive!!!" - then I moved from less Alien to more Frankenstein!! Whichever movie comparison I chose it was wonderful - less scary of course!!

We did call our family yesterday and the number one question was, "how are you feeling?" The response..."fine". That basically doomed me. I had my first night of pretty consistent nausea and a headache like you wouldn't believe. I have never been a vomiter so I don't anticipate this happening anytime soon but I have run to the toilet a few times with some false alarms. Oddly enough the nausea, fatigue, and salivating are comforting. I feel like the worse I feel the better Boggie is doing!!

One thing that I worry about is that all the attention is on me and Boggie and I hope Robbie doesn't feel left out. He is pretty amazing I must say. He gets me whatever soup I want, buys baby books like crazy, and keeps me informed of things I should and should not be eating - he is my personal pregnancy coach!! My work offers a lot of classes and I can't wait for him to go! At our first OB appointment we received "our first diaper" and seeing him with that was pretty hilarious and touching at the same time. Oh, other side effect of pregnancy - uncontrollable crying. I cry all the time - just randomly for the most part.

Okay this is getting lengthy. I will save some for next week!! Well, wish us luck! We will keep you posted. Hopefully I can post the US pics tonight so you guys can see the little Boggie blob too!!

P.S. I never said I could write and if there are grammar issues...sorry. Robbie will write some entries so those will be better :).