Friday, April 1, 2011

6 + months!

I say 6+ because I am NOT one of those people that will be referring to their child's age in weeks until they are 16. I have no idea how many weeks she is! So, she is 6 months and some change and she is absolutely wonderful. She is the love of our lives, the light of our lives, and we could not imagine and do not even want to imagine our lives without her. She greets me in the morning with the sweetest smile and when her little head rests on my shoulder at night when she is sooooo sleepy I just absolutely melt. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Even though she is still a baby, she definitely has a personality and she is hilarious! She laughs a lot, smiles a lot, blows raspberries all the time, and loves cats! She is a true Wagoner and we are 100 million, bajillion, trajillion % in love with her!!

She is beginning to "move" a bit and that is scary. We are pretty sure she thinks rolling over is a waste of time. We think this because I am confident she will be crawling before she rolls over. She sits up really well and is beginning to lean forward to get onto her hands and knees!! She is growing too fast!! Speaking of growing...she is 16 lbs and 9 oz!! She is my little marshmallow!! Carrying her plus the car seat is turning into a pump aerobics class!! It's definitely a workout...which I need but that is an entirely different blog.

We have started solid foods and it is hilarious to watch her try new things. Her little nose wrinkles and she looks at us like we are crazy. You just know she is thinking, "are you sure guys people eat this stuff?" It's pretty funny! For the most part I have been making my own baby food which isn't really that hard. I did buy some organic prune baby food simply because I could not see how a prune would puree?!? I will need to try it some day but it didn't make sense to me for some reason. Our freezer is full of freezer bags with ice cubes of food and little freezer bowls with other food! It's pretty neat. The cubes have worked out to be pretty handy because I just pull a cube out and plop it into a bowl for daycare - they can heat it up at snack time. Very convenient!

She is loving daycare too. I am sooooo lucky I was referred to the JCC for her daycare. They are absolutely wonderful and they take such good care of my little luv bug! She finger paints, goes on group stroller rides, has music class, and even class pictures! Yes, she is only 6 months old and it is hilarious to see her doing all of this stuff. She interacts really well with other kids as a result and this is wonderful! She even has a little boyfriend...she stole his Cheerios the other day so I'm not sure if they are "taking a break" right now or not. :)

In other news, we are still in the middle of the philosophy job hunt. This has proven to be a challenge financially and emotionally. Fortunately, Robbie has had a few interviews and a couple of those have required him to fly off to some exciting venues at a not so cheap price! We are making it work though and it seems we may be at the end. We are hoping this last interview was THE ONE! Things went well and positive reinforcement was received so we are keeping our fingers crossed. They did indicate the fact that Robbie was married and had a child was a definite positive. I would like to take credit for this if he gets the job. Thank you! I won't mention the locale in the blog simply because I do not want to jinx it! We should know by the beginning of next week though!! Very exciting.

Well, that is all right now. Things are crazy between the job hunt, raising a baby, my work is hectic, and sleep deprivation (d/t stress or baby)! I think things are turning a corner so that is good - baby is sleeping which is the most important thing to me right now!!